Why Midtown public charter school?

This is an exciting time for Jackson-area guardians - you now have more choice than ever as to where to send your student to school.

There are plenty of great school choices in Jackson, and we look forward to partnering with all area middle schools to ensure that every student receives a high-quality education.

So how do you know which school is right for you?

Here are a few things we think make our school extra special:

Close-knit family with deep roots in community

We report to Jackson. Our school was designed at the request of and in consultation with community members, and ever since our founding we have worked hard to partner with community leaders, guardians, and local organizations to ensure we have a school that is most tailored to Jackson. We operate with the understanding that "it takes a village." This community-mentality has also directed our internal culture as well. Faculty and staff are not siloed - everyone works collaboratively with students to ensure we are creating a happy, loving, and academically-rich environment to learn and teach.

Whole-child education

Academics are incredibly important, and we hold a very high bar for students to perform exceedingly well in the classroom. At the same time, we recognize students as more than just what's in their brains. We have a rigorous physical education program and recess activities to help promote physical wellbeing, we offer individual and group counseling sessions to help promote mental wellbeing, our staff is trained in conscience discipline to promote restorative justice, we offer quarterly dances to promote social wellbeing, and more. Many of our guardians have shared inspiring stories of times in which our school went well above and beyond to help meet their needs as a family.

A school on the rise

Our core responsibility as a school is to increase the academic performance of all students, and that's a charge we take seriously. We hire the strongest team of educators who believe passionately that every child has unlimited potential. We are investing thousands in a complete redesign of our curriculum. We are restructuring our schedule to promote stronger literacy skills, and raising the bar for eighth grade exit requirements. We are using data-informed instruction to drive our work in the classroom. And all of it is paying off. Our school is on a quick upward trajectory in regards to academic performance.

Some extra notes

(1) Extended school day and year provides more time for rigorous instruction.
(2) Smart use of technology supports the work of classroom leaders.
(3) Caring yet firm team led by our dean of students creates a safe and structured learning environment.