We encourage parents and other citizens to visit Midtown Public Charter School and we believe there are many potential benefits which can result from increased interaction with the public. At the same time, we have a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of the students and staff, and to protect the district's facilities and equipment from misuse or vandalism. A balance must be achieved between the potential benefits and risks associated with the presence of visitors in our school building. Achieving the desired balance will lead to increased parent involvement, a better understanding of how the school operates and the challenges facing the school, and an increased sense of collaboration and cooperation between the community and the school.

We encourage all visitors to schedule visits in advance.

Guardians: Please email Ron Huddleston:

All others: Please email Principal Kevin Parkinson:

Every visitor entering Midtown Public Charter School during school hours is required to check in at main entrance.

Visitors will sign in and must show proof of identity.

Visitors will be asked to wear a visitors pass while they are in the building.