Midtown Public embraces an individualized, family model in which cohorts of 26 students work with two highly skilled core teachers and support staff that ensure all students are engaged in quality, holistic learning. Students engage in 21st century skills that focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills that are required in the modern workplace.

Most importantly, we ensure that students are frequently and actively engaged in developing their higher order thinking, metacognition (thinking about one’s thinking), and executive function skills.


At the core of Midtown Public’s model is a strong emphasis on character education based on the FIRST pillars: Focus, Integrity, Respect, Self-Determination, and Teamwork.

More than merely paying lip service to character education, Midtown Public lays out specific character strands that are integrated into every aspect of the school and explicitly taught in lessons and through the actions of all staff members.

Each school year, students focus on a different aspect of character building that ultimately ensures that they are able to live moral and productive lives.

Below are the strands of character education by grade level.



5th grade


You are what you repeatedly do

6th grade

Executive Functioning:

You set the agenda


7th grade

Personal Beliefs: 

I live by a Moral code

8th grade

Life Success:

I am prepared to succeed in high school


Here are some of our secrets for success


Great People:

Great teaching makes for great learning. As such, we invest in our people both financially and through professional development to make sure that the best teachers are in front of our scholars. We have eliminated unnecessary overhead and pushed dollars and decision-making as close to the scholar level as possible to ensure quality instruction in every moment.

More Quality Instruction Time:

Midtown Public will have a longer school day (7:30am – 4:30pm) and a longer school year (August – June) that ensure scholars have extra time in a quality learning environment that will help them catch up and get ahead academically.


Individualized Learning:

Midtown Public embraces individualized learning through dedicated periods of Independent Work Time where students work towards their academic goals with hyper-individualized attention from their core teachers.

Character Education:

At Midtown Public we do not merely pay lip service to the moral and character education of our scholars. Our strong character education program ensures that students are ready to be for the real world.


Midtown Public has a longer school day and school year so that students will have more quality learning time.

School hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Weds 7:30 am – 1:00 pm, time for staff development in the afternoon.

School year:

August – June


All dates and times are subject to change by Midtown Public Charter School.