TUITION/FEES: How much is tuition for each student?

$0! Midtown Public is PUBLIC, so it is free to all students that enroll.


SCREENING: Are students screened for enrollment?

The only enrollment requirement is that students must reside in the Jackson Public School District and be in a grade level served by the school. Other than those two requirements, Midtown Public does not have any selection or enrollment requirements.


DRESSCODE: Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. Uniforms will be required for all students.


SPECIAL NEEDS: Are students with special needs able to enroll?

Midtown Public is open for enrollment by all students no matter their status or needs. The school will have specialized staff to support all student needs and ensure a high quality education for all children.


TRANSPORTATION: Are students provided transportation to and from school?

We are working on solidifying a transportation plan that meets the needs of students and is also financially feasible. Students that live within a 1 mile radius of the school are expected to walk or otherwise be transported to the school. We will update the families of enrolled students on transportation as we solidify bus routes.


SIBLINGS: If one child gets selected in the lottery this year, does that mean his/her sibling gets preference this year?

No. The student must first be enrolled in the school. Siblings get preference in next year’s lottery.


DISCIPLINE: What type of discipline system will the school have?

Midtown Public’s character education and discipline system go hand-in-hand as the school embraces a “warm-strict” model. In other words, we provide a warm and loving family environment within our classrooms, but it also comes with very strong expectations for student behavior and performance. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators all sign on to performance and behavior contracts that lay out the responsibilities of all those signing in ensuring the academic and behavioral success of the student.


FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: What will the school do to engage parents, guardians, and family members?

Midtown Public will have a Family Engagement Council that will be critical to supporting the school’s culture and ensuring that the school is meeting the community’s needs. In addition, all teachers and school staff will be expected to develop and maintain personal relationships with the families they are serving so that they really get to know and understand every child. Our philosophy is that a school which wraps its arms around a child is a school which must also know and engage with their families to ensure that we serve children in the most effective way possible. Do not be surprised if teachers or school staff make home visits or just drop by to say hello once your student is enrolled. We will also have various school nights in preparation for the upcoming school year that will give important info and help families with any questions.


OTHER QUESTIONS? Please ask. Midtown Public is incredibly open because we believe that is how we ensure that all students get the highest quality education. If there are questions we cannot answer yet, we will put them on our priority list and get them answered for you.